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I feel like I don’t really have anything to talk about tonight, though, really, that’s not entirely true.

I could talk about The Hobbit movie and all its wonderfulness and that I’m eager to get the soundtrack I ordered (it should be here tomorrow).

I could talk about the two amazing friends I visited over the past week, who provided too much happiness to put into words, though I could try.

I could talk about going back to school next week. No heart here. The main think I’m looking forward to is putting up my new posters and calenders…

I could talk about Doctor Who. I could always talk about Doctor Who.

And there are quite a few other things, I’m sure. But I’m rather sleepy and not feeling very talkative. So I’ll just say that I love the Hobbit movie just as much after seeing it a third time, God has really blessed me with some absolutely wonderful friends, school starts a week from today, and I do love Doctor Who.

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