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Why the Tuesday News

I decided that today I would explain my blog’s name. I know some of you know this, so you’ll just have to bear with me. The obvious reason is that I post on Tuesdays, but really, that was inspired by the name, not the other way around.

I was homeschooled for much of my life. In 2006, my mom gave my brother and me an assignment to create an April Fool’s Day newsletter to send to all our family. Mine was called The Not-Quite-True Tuesday News. I picked Tuesday somewhat out of the air because April 1 was on a Saturday that year. I had an article about life on Mars, a very contradictory weather report, and a word search that contained none of the words that were supposedly in it. Here’s one of the articles (unedited):

Less Killing, More Eating!
By Learna D. Facts
Hello, all you chicken lovers out there! Good news! Farmers are now having to kill less chickens thanks to Farmer Brown.
Farmer Brown, after many years of study and hard work, has finally succeeded in breeding chickens with four legs and four wings. When asked why he did this, Farmer Brown told me, “I always liked chickens and didn’t like having to kill so many. Now I don’t have to; there are plenty of legs and wings to go around. I still keep a few normal ones around for old times sake, though.”
When asking what other people thought, I found a variety of opinions. Mr. Snob told me, “This farmer guy should mind his own business. Maybe he likes chickens, but I sure don’t. The less chickens, the better!” A certain Mrs. Cluck had a very different view of the matter. “I think it’s just wonderful, dearie,” she said. “I just love chickens! Eating them and seeing them. Less killing, more eating, I say!”
And so, for some, this story has a happy ending, and for others, just the opposite.

I decided that I wanted to keep it up. It became The Tuesday News and I sent it out the first Tuesday of every month for just over a year. There were occasional riddles, quotes, and reader submitted drawings. The best part, though, was probably the letters to the editor. Dr. Vincent Renounced Goldenflapper wrote in to say that he was attempting to treat patients who had had difficulty solving the word search. Farmer Brown became a greatly sought-after individual in an attempt to grow new toes for Topsy, a rooster we had who had been moved to Granny’s house and had lost his toes to frostbite. I think in the end we had lost contact with Farmer Brown after he moved to Australia.

I still have all the original copies. They’re fun to look at sometimes.

When I was heading to college, I’d been kind of wanting to start a blog for some time, but I didn’t know what I would do with it. I knew it needed to have some purpose or it would just fizzle out. Nothing I thought of really seemed like it would work. Then, one night, it occurred to me that I could call it the Tuesday News and post every Tuesday. That way I would have a schedule, which has certainly helped, but it wouldn’t be overwhelming. I could use it as a way to keep my extended family updated on how college was going.

It’s grown a bit from that. I talk about a lot other than college. I’ve enjoyed having a place to put random thoughts, though there have certainly been weeks where I’ve stared at the blank screen and had no idea what to write about. Like today. So far, it has also lasted a little over a year, and I’m glad I started it.


3 thoughts on “Why the Tuesday News

  1. And I like it too… Just a quick update on Dr. Goldenflapper–he lost his license and was last seen mumbling, “Word search, that crazy word search.”

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