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Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do During Finals Week

All of which I’ve done this week. :)

Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment. – Robert Benchley

Decide it’s time to return your rented textbooks. Discover that although you have a bunch of boxes lying around, none of them are book-sized. Proceed to make your own box out of cardboard left over from a previous project and packing tape. Pity whoever has to figure out how to open it.

Decide it’s time to start looking for next semester’s books, and scour the internet for the best prices, figuring out you can get $350 worth of books for significantly less than half that. Cheer in your head (or out loud if you’d rather).

Decide it’s also time to sell back the books you’re done with. Net a total of just over $14. *Sigh*

Start watching a new TV show. I never really thought I’d say this, but I’ve spent a lot of today curled up knitting and watching, of all things, Say Yes to the Dress. And shaking my head at some people who pay thousands of dollars for a dress I wouldn’t be caught dead in…

Study for your hardest test while chatting on Facebook.

Rediscover your fondness for playing FreeCell. Work on upping your winning percentage, because 98% obviously isn’t good enough.

Mentally plan all the books and movies you want to read and watch over Christmas break.

Rave about the Hobbit. Several times. And debate about who is the best-looking man in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. (Another thing I never expected to find myself saying. But personally, I’m going with Kili.)

Reorganize your overflowing shelf of books. (Ok, I actually haven’t done that yet. But I’m about to. After I edit this post. And play one more game of FreeCell…)


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