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Mental Health Day

I’m taking today off. I’m not doing any homework. I’m avoiding thinking about homework as much as possible. I didn’t set any alarm, and I didn’t go to chapel.

I did go to my one class, though I considered skipping. I mainly went because there was a paper I expected we would get back today, and I was really wanting to see how I did, but the teacher did not have it graded. I’m also going to go work in the library this evening, but that’s not that hard.

I did get back my major paper from a different class with the same teacher afterward. This is one of those classes people dread, but I’ve really enjoyed it (even though it’s been a ton of work), and the teacher said that I’ve really done well. It made my day.

Anyway, my family mailed me my copy of The Hobbit last week, and it came today. ^.^ I really wanted to read it before I see the movie (so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). We’ll see if I can finish it by then. I know I could under normal circumstances, but on top of school, I’m not entirely sure, especially since I’m going to the midnight showing. I’m going to work on it while I’m at the library, then tonight I’m going to watch one more episode of Columbo. (Oh! Just one more thing…)

Well, this post was rather rambling, and not very long, but I need to eat dinner (homemade soup from my freezer) before I go to work, so I shall sign off now. Ta, ta!

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Day

  1. I’m glad you took a mental health day and that you are enjoying it. I did not have a mental health day. That’s all I’ll say, LOL!

  2. College students just have to take a day some times. I bet you can get the Hobbit read. It has a different flavor than the trilogy. It had me captive by the time Bilbo and Gandalf were blowing smoke rings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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