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Classes Update

Personality Theories I’m enjoying this class. It’s fairly easy and interesting. We’re currently studying the behavioral/social learning theory of personality. I like the teacher a lot; he explains things well.

Social Psychology This class is now online because the teacher took another job that she had to accept now or never. I like it better this way. I still have to do the reading and homework, but not having to go to class frees up three hours a week.

Scripture Interpretation This class is much easier than it was made out to be. It is a lot of work, but it’s not hard, and I really like it. Admittedly, knowing more Greek than ekklesia and agape might be helpful, but I’ve done fine so far.

Old Testament Survey Lots and lots of fun. And easy. As expected. We’re somewhat behind, but what can you expect when trying to cover the whole Old Testament in one semester?

Doctrinal Issues I could live without this class. It’s not especially hard, but the class is LONG and I don’t feel like I’ve actually learned a lot. And the conversation gets off topic frequently. Or stays on one minute topic for over an hour… But I’ve survived so far.


2 thoughts on “Classes Update

  1. So what types of personalities surround you on a daily basis? What doctrinal topics are you discussing now? Sounds like a well balanced semester. Enjoy your weekend!

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