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No Idea What to Write About

I really don’t know what to write about today. The ideas I’ve been mulling over lately would take more time than I have.

My toothache is greatly improved (though not entirely gone). I had the cavity filled over a week ago, though I wasn’t greatly impressed. They failed to mention that it was normal for it to continue to hurt for a week or two, and the tooth no longer fits properly in my mouth, which is rather annoying. On the bright side, this has been very good for my pill-swallowing abilities.

I finished my first pair of socks! I even wore them yesterday. Of course, nobody could see them, but I knew they were there. I’ve started working on a second pair.

I am getting very tired of school. This week is the halfway point of the semester, thankfully. But I have far too much to do. I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving break.

My school’s internet is much improved this year over last year – except in the library. I currently have one tiny bar on the little thing on my desktop that shows the internet strength. I don’t know why it’s so slow in this room.

I have my first tutoring student today. (At least, I’m supposed to. I’m currently waiting for her to show up…) I have been working in the tutoring center an hour a week, but haven’t done any actual tutoring yet. We’ll see if I do tonight. (I did! She came. :) )

I doth be rather sleepy. Unfortunately, bedtime is a long time away. *Sigh*


One thought on “No Idea What to Write About

  1. You were sleepy weren’t you? Did your student show? Tutoring students are famous for the “no Show”. I learned that from my sister. Hang in there. Congrats on the socks!!!

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