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Thirty-Three Point Something Percent Done

I’m about a third of the way through the semester, which seems rather strange. I’m not sure if that seems like it’s too much or too little for the time that has passed.

I have three tests tomorrow. (Ick.) Two of them, Social Psychology and Old Testament Survey, I’m about ready for. The other, Scripture Interpretation, not so much. I suppose I will be, though. I’m about half way through the study guide.

Last weekend I knit my first sock! It was quite fun. I finished it in less than two days (though I did spend almost all my free time Sunday knitting). It was kind of addicting, and I’ve been carrying the second one around ever since. Today I discovered that I can work on it while walking (though I wasn’t walking very fast, since I was just in line for the cafeteria). I feel like I need to sit in a rocking chair and wear my glasses on the end of my nose while working on it.

Less than a month until NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)! I know what my story’s going to be about, and I figured out the title today (but I’m not telling what it is yet). I’m getting excited (and a bit impatient) to work on it.

I’m going home this weekend, and I get to go to the dentist Saturday morning (I hope you can feel my enthusiasm). I’ve had a toothache for a week, which gets rather tiring, and I can tell I have a cavity or something like that. Whatever it is, I hope it’s not a big deal to fix.

Well, I suppose I should go study for my test now. Or knit or work on planning my story and pretend I’m about to study…


3 thoughts on “Thirty-Three Point Something Percent Done

  1. I’m so proud, Zella! You’re first sock! After a pinch, you won’t feel a thing. Much better than having a toothache. When I had a really bad one, I found that singing helped ease the pain. Wild Huh?

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