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Too Much Debate-y Stuff

Doctrinal Issues today was entirely too much for my introvert brain. We talked about idols and images the entire time. Not that that’s not an important or interesting discussion. But we (I say “we” when I made one comment :D) talked in circles for over an hour. I think people were defining things differently, which was part of why it took sooooo much time.

Eventually, with that sort of thing, I get to the point where my brain just can’t process any more information. It’s designed for quiet contemplation, not debates where people are saying the same things different ways over and over – often before I have time to decide what I think about previous comments. And I don’t really have extra energy lately anyway.

I did walk into class feeling pretty good. I’d had a fairly relaxing afternoon listening to Owl City songs and cleaning my room and writing because I didn’t have any homework (yay!). Plus, we got our tests back at the beginning of class, and I’d done quite well, so I was practically bouncy when we started. But by the time class was over, I was quite sleepy and getting a headache. Then at dinner, I confused (at the least) several people by sitting by myself and reading instead of sitting with them. I really needed a chance to regain my equilibrium, though (and it’s still not quite back).

So anyway. As I said, I did do very well on my test. That’s a happy thing. And I still don’t have homework, except some optional reading that I’ll do while I’m working in the library tonight because the books are on reserve there.  I’ll be leaving for that before too long. I think I’m going to take a blanket; it’s REALLY cold in there.  Then I’ll hopefully go to bed somewhat early. :)


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