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You Might Be a College Student If…

Because every college student with a blog HAS to do at least one of these.

  • You have a student ID photo that makes your driver’s license picture look fabulous
  • You write blog posts when you should be doing homework
  • You live for Friday nights – not because you have awesome stuff to do, though you might, but because you don’t have to set your alarm
  • You sometimes get tired of even the cafeteria’s cookies
  • You refuse to use your homework pencils for fun things, and vice versa
  • You can’t bear to reread that paper you just finished, so you turn it in the way it is and hope for the best
  • The quote, “‘Are we rested? Have we had beautiful sleep?’ [Gollum] said. ‘Let’s go!’ ‘We aren’t, and we haven’t,’ growled Sam. ‘But we’ll go if we must,'” describes a great portion of your life
  • You read articles about how to avoid procrastinating to help yourself procrastinate
  • Brand new textbooks scare you
  • I do not understand this free time of which you speak
  • You have a dream that just once in your college career you will show up to a class and the teacher will be late enough that you can just leave
  • You also REALLY hope said occurrence is not a morning class
  • One does not simply go to the library to study in peace and quiet… unless it’s ten at night
  • You have heard of people going to stand by the water tower next to the dorms to get off campus, because it’s technically not the school’s property

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