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This Semester’s Classes

Just don’t take any class where you have to read Beowulf. – Woody Allen

Actually, Beowulf was part of one of my favorite classes, a year-long literature curriculum based on The Lord of the Rings. And I liked it. But anyway…

Personality Theories
This is my only class with a teacher I haven’t had before. He seems nice, though, and I’m already enjoying the class. I found the subject interesting when we studied it in general psychology last semester, and I’m quite looking forward to learning more about it. Even though there are about six theories about what develops personality that nobody can agree on. I’m considering developing a theory about what the theory one ascribes to says about one’s personality…

Social Psychology
I don’t find this subject quite as appealing (at least not yet), but I have to take it for my minor (I think this is the one, anyway). I’m guessing it will get more interesting as we get farther, however. It should be fairly easy, at least; I like the teacher, and I find her teaching style easy to keep up with.

Old Testament Survey
This class is the equivalent of Life of Christ and Acts through Revelation from last year, just with different material. I’m in the section for honors and majors, and we have a great teacher. Last year, my roommate, a friend of ours, and I congregated into a group (we do a lot of group work). We’re all fairly smart (if we do say so ourselves), and we have a tendency to tease each other about it. “Oh, you only got a six out of six on the pop quiz instead of seven out of six?! How very sad. You’re really struggling, aren’t you?” We have a lot of fun.

Scripture Interpretation
This is another class I need for my minor, and I was expecting it to be quite interesting. Then I saw the teacher at a wedding over the summer, and he was talking about it. A friend of mine who was there and is also taking the class and I were slightly concerned after listening to him. After the first day, however, he asked me if I was scared, and I told him quite happily that I wasn’t. I don’t think it’s going to be as hard as he was insinuating. At the very least, I find it interesting.

Doctrinal Issues
I’m not yet entirely sure what to think of this class. I have a feeling that with the group of students, it might get far too debate-y for me, but I really like the first book we’re reading. It’s called Redigging the Wells by Monroe Hawley. It’s an old book, but quite insightful. The problem is, I’m going to have to write a book report about it…

I’m also working in the library (which has been far too loud this evening) and tutoring. I plan to try NaNoWriMo again in November (and I’m slightly impatient to start my story, though I’m having a horrible time naming it). And of course, I’m hoping to get in quite a bit of reading. :)

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