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Haiku is not a shriek, a howl, a sigh, or a yawn; rather, it is the deep breath of life. – Santoka Taneda

I’m not feeling very inspired today, so I pulled out an old writing project. After reading a book where there was a haiku at the beginning of every chapter, I decided I wanted to try to write a few. It was kind of neat being able to compose a whole poem in five minutes, but I didn’t fall in love with the form. I can never pick my favorite, but I like the middle three a lot.

Wind blows across fields
bending flowers in its path
and rustling the grass.

Clouds heavy on the
horizon. Do they bring rain
or only darkness?

Silver orbs enmeshed
in the still night’s blue mantle
dripping silver light.

Plink. A single drop
spreads ripples in the still pool,
changing reflections.

Can you feel his joy
in fresh spring days as the horse
gallops with the breeze?


2 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Ooooh! I really like two, three, and four. The imagery is so evocative. I especially like the one about changing reflections.

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