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I was at church camp last week, where there is hardly any cell phone service, much less internet, so I didn’t get to post. My brother is staying for two more weeks (I think he’s a bit crazy), but I got home Saturday. The credit for that safe drive definitely goes to God, since I was not only exhausted but had an escalating fever the whole time.

You see, I managed to come home from camp with a sinus infection (but doesn’t sinusitis sound so much more impressive?). I’d been getting over a cold when I went, then it was chilly and damp almost the whole week, and you never get enough sleep at camp, so I guess I had it coming.

I don’t recommend trying it at home. I’ve coughed so much that I’m pretty sure I’m building up some fantastic abdominal muscles; they hurt, at least. I was pretty miserable Saturday and Sunday, but now (aside from this ridiculous cough), I’m feeling a lot better.

I don’t usually take medicine if I can help it (’cause I’m slightly stubborn sometimes), but boy, I have the past few days. I have a prescription antibiotic for the first time in over ten years and some sort of nasal spray, not to mention DayQuil, NyQuil (well, the off-brands), cough drops, tea with honey, chocolate cake…

Ok, so I guess the chocolate cake is only good for moral. But that’s important, too, right?

This has, at least, been a good excuse to lounge around for a few days. I got quite a bit done on my current knitting project, started a 2,000 piece puzzle (more on that next week), read quite a bit, and watched some TV. And slept! Ah, sleep. In air conditioning. On a real bed. With blankets instead of a sleeping bag. So nice.

Now to get this cough to go away…


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