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A New Year’s Resolution

I used to be pretty skeptical about getting to know people online. I really didn’t see how it could work. Then, almost three years ago, I joined a forum, and was very quickly proven wrong. I guess it’s just one of those things you have to experience to understand.

Last fall, I mentioned getting to meet one of the friends I made on that forum (I know her best as GG). We discovered that we had lived less than an hour away from each other. However, the two of us have another really good friend on that forum (we call her D) who, unfortunately, lives much farther from us than that. So last January, GG decided that one of her New Year’s resolutions would be to visit D this summer.

And she invited me to go along.

I’m writing this on Thursday because we’re leaving tomorrow morning and won’t be back until late Tuesday. I’m not sure how it’s going to get posted; I might ask someone to do it for me, or it might just be posted really late. There is a setting that is supposed to let you save something to be posted at a later time, but I don’t trust it, and I don’t want this to be accidentally posted early, and not just because it would mess up my pattern.

You see, D doesn’t know we’re coming. We planned this with her older sister and her parents, but, as far as we know, she has no idea. Just yesterday she asked GG when she was coming to visit, which seems a good sign that we’ve kept the secret well. (At least, I hope that’s what it means.)

I’m quite excited. GG’s coming this evening, and we’re taking off around eight in the morning. We’re going to have a wonderful time.

Edit: Well, it’s Wednesday, and I forgot to post this yesterday. Oh, well. Better late than never, I suppose. But anyway, we did have a wonderful time.


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