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A library is both comfort food and inspiration. – Judy Strong

Our internet has been out most of the day, so I’m currently at the library writing this. They used to have these really neat chairs that had laptop desks attached, but they don’t seem to be here now that they’ve reorganized some things. At least, they’re not in the same spot. I was kind of disappointed to discover this; I so rarely got a chance to use one. But they still have books, so I guess I’ll forgive them.

I am generally quite fond of my library – except when they move things. And they’ve been doing a lot of reorganizing lately. They never seem to put up signs directing you to the new location, and I’m too stubborn to ask. They moved half of the music recently; I guess it was getting to big to all fit where they had it. Whatever the reason, it inspired a slight panic since the Celtic section had disappeared, but I eventually found it. Not long before that, they shifted the inspirational section. This one wasn’t moved so much that it was hard to find. Rather, since I’m not good at keeping authors and books connected in my head, I had to re-learn where things I like are on the shelves. I still don’t really have it down.

But, moving flaws aside, I’m not sure what I’d do without the library. I can’t count the hours I’ve spent in here (and that’s not even including other libraries I’ve visited). I can’t count the books I’ve checked out, either, though it’s probably a scary number. There are lots of books and series I could just about lead you to with my eyes closed. There’s a CD called The Danny Boy Collection that I’ve probably checked out almost a dozen times in the six years this has been my library. (I think they should just give it to me at this point, but I doubt they’d agree!)

And, right now, of course, I’m quite thankful for the library’s working, speedy internet!


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