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O Canada…

I am currently on vacation at Niagara Falls with my family. We rented a condo on the Canadian side, and it’s quite a nice little place for a vacation. Although my bed is on the floor because we discovered that it has an unfortunate tendency to collapse when you put weight on the edge.

When we got here Sunday evening, we walked down to the Falls and watched the fireworks they have every night in the summer. The fireworks were great, and I fell in love with the watching the different colored lights on the Falls and the mist.

On Monday, we went back to America. First we went on the Cave of the Winds tour. You go on a boardwalk right next to the Falls (we’re not really sure why cave is in the name). It gets you quite close, and it gets very windy and misty. Even with the provided ponchos, we all got wet. Especially me, since I didn’t put my hood up.

After that, we went on the Maid of the Mist. It’s one of those things you just have to do for tradition’s sake when you go somewhere, but it really was very cool (and I don’t just mean the chilly water). We got wet again after just drying off, but getting so close to Niagara Falls was amazing. Really, it’s as close as you’re going to get unless you go over them. (Actually, someone did that Monday. On purpose. Not wanting to survive. He’s still alive, though; he’s only the fourth person to go over without protection and survive.)

As a side note, doing this stuff in New York makes 14 states I’ve visited. Only 36 to go…

This morning we went to the Botanical Gardens. They’re not at their peak this time of year, but they were still quite pretty. A lot of work goes into all those plants. My favorite part was the herb section, since a lot of it was already blooming.

Mom and I went to the Queen Charlotte Tea Room, which Mom spotted while we were coming back from the Botanical Gardens, this afternoon. It was a neat little place. Not pretentious, but nicely decorated, and the tea and pastry we had were delicious. Then we went to an IMAX movie about Niagara Falls daredevils, went to dinner, and went to the Falls again.

I’m really enjoying Niagara Falls. I’d certainly like to come again.

(By the way, the title I picked made the Canadian national anthem go through my head. Except all I know is, “O Canada,” but I don’t even really know that because I always get the tune mixed up with the Genovia anthem from Princess Diaries. I really need to learn the song properly, because I always like it when I hear it. )


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