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New Carpet

Oh, they trampled the carpet! That’s a little redundant. So this isn’t a bad day for you, is it? – Genie in Aladdin and the King of Thieves

We got new carpet upstairs and painted the hallway while I was away. (And by we, I mean the rest of my family.) This meant I came home from packing up my dorm room to unpack my whole room. It’s a rather daunting project. I just emptied six boxes of books, ended up hardly able to breathe from the dust, as well as quite worn out, and there are still more books, not to mention all the stuff that goes in my closet.

Still, though, I’d say it’s worth it. The floor hardly creeks any more, which is a lovely change. And the carpet is quite nice. It’s much softer than our old, trampled carpet, and it’s a nicer color. It’s a speckled brown instead of dingy tan.

Plus, going through my books once in awhile is fun. Every time I do, I remember how many I need to reread – or, in some cases, read for the first time. I think I should work on that this summer. It’s really a shame to have so many neglected books around.

So now I’m recovering from book-organizing with corn chips and Doctor Who. It’s a very effective cure, and I’d say I’ll be about as good as new by the time this episode is over.

2 thoughts on “New Carpet

  1. I’m glad you like the new carpet; I do, too. Yes, the whole process has been rather daunting but worth it, I think. It’s SO good to have you home!

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