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Bus Jumping

Would you be willing to jump in front of a bus for God? (Extremely hypothetical question, I know, since God isn’t the sort of being who would be threatened by a bus, but bear with me here.)

There are a few people in this world I would be willing to jump in front of a bus for. However, that willingness didn’t just happen. It wasn’t like the first time I met them I dashed up to them and hugged them and exclaimed that I loved them so much I’d be willing to do anything for them. If I was inclined to do such things, I would have probably been dragged to a psychologist or two by now. Nope. It took time. Lots of time.

And really, being willing to jump in front of a bus for somebody isn’t what makes the relationship. It’s the little things that make a relationship. It’s laughing together. It’s sharing experiences of all sorts. It’s staying up late talking about nothing. It’s posting funny things on their Facebook wall. Then, eventually, as you begin to love and trust them, it’s turning to them when you’re hurt and accepting their help. Then comes the willingness to jump in front of a bus.

Now, back to the original question. We often condemn ourselves and others for not being willing to do big things for God, but I think sometimes we expect too much, especially from new Christians. Certainly we need to have the kind of relationship with God that will make us willing to do such things, but do we go about developing that relationship the proper way? Are we willing to do little things? Do we take time to look at a sunset and simply think, “Wow, God, how beautiful!”? Do we invite Him to share our pleasure when we accomplish something? Do we think about the things He has told us? Because it’s only after those things happen that we will be able to trust Him with our struggles, however big or small they be. And it’s only when we have seen that He deserves that trust that we will be willing to do big things, like jumping in front of a bus.


2 thoughts on “Bus Jumping

  1. The big things are required evry once in a while. The opportunity to do the little things present themselves to us every day. Thanks, Z.

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