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Classes and Such

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. – Mark Twain

I’m surviving speech. I don’t love it – and I don’t expect I ever will – but I have gotten a little better, I think. I got a 69/70 on my last speech, which made me quite happy. That being said, I’ll be very glad when this class is over.

Psychology is my second favorite class; I really like it. I like the teacher, and I actually enjoy reading the textbook (even though it tends to take forever). I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve decided that psychology is as interesting as I expected it to be.

21st Century Science
When I say that the second half of the semester has been much easier than the first (and it has), what I really mean is that this class has not been nearly as stressful. There hasn’t been as much homework, and some of the labs have been quite fun. We’ve made soap, aspirin (well, we tried…), and extracted DNA from a strawberry (which is probably the coolest lab I’ve ever done). My lab group has our project for Research Day finished – except for the poster – and that’s what the class is doing during lab on Thursday, so we’re hoping to convince the teacher to say we don’t have to go.

Information Processing
This class is as easy as I expected it to be. If you’re breathing and can read, there is really no reason to not do well in it. It helps balance out speech and science.

Acts Through Revelation
This is my favorite class. The teacher is fantastic, and most of my friends are in it. We have a lot of fun (did you know that the Ethiopian eunuch and Phillip stopped at Wendy’s?), and it’s not difficult, but I’ve learned a lot. Even though I’ve known most of it all my life, there are so many interesting details the teacher has been able to fill in; it’s been very helpful.

Proverbs Read Through
At the beginning of the semester, the man in charge of organizing chapel challenged everyone to read about one chapter of Proverbs a day February through April, resulting in reading the book three times this semester. I almost did not do it, but I’m glad I did, and I would certainly recommend it. We’re also reading Proverbs in chapel, and my personal reading has me reading the book twice this year, so I’ll have read Proverbs six times by the end of the summer. It’s been very helpful; I’ve already noticed that I now know passages I had not realized existed.


2 thoughts on “Classes and Such

  1. How do you extract DNA from a strawberry? I wish I was in school again! Well, except for the tests and, well, the homework. Maybe not. Have a good week.

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