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Just Rambling

Well, I got to the library to work this evening, opened my science binder, and discovered that the homework I was planning to do is not in there. I have no memory of putting it somewhere else, though apparently I must have. I hope it’s in my room… Anyway, for a few minutes there was nobody else in here, so I considered working on my speech, but then people showed up. I suppose it would be rude to kick them out.

So here I sit, without really anything important to do. It’s kind of nice, really. Maybe I should do it more often.

Really, though, the past couple weeks have been pretty relaxing. Especially compared to the last few weeks before spring break, when I felt like I barely had time to catch up on breathing (though that was pretty much the case for the whole first half of the semester). Since my homework hasn’t had time to really pile up, I’ve had time to do fun things. Like take naps. And play FreeCell. And watch Doctor Who (the latest season is on Netflix now! Yay!).

The weather has been so strange lately! The trees are all in blossom. It’s very pretty, but it kind of scares me. If it’s 85 degrees in March, what is it going to be like in August?!

They turned on the air conditioning in the dorms yesterday. Finally! Happy day! It was wonderful. The days before that had been terribly hot in my room.

I had a psychology test yesterday. I actually forgot about it over the weekend. I had going over the whole study guide on Friday, and then I barely thought about it again until my mom reminded me on the phone Sunday night. “Oh, yeah, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it?” It was kind of amusing. I told my teacher and she laughed. I have a Bible test on Thursday. Hopefully I won’t forget about that one!

Now I think I’ll go see if I can finish my book. Have a lovely week, everybody. :)


One thought on “Just Rambling

  1. Glad things are easing up a little. Glad you still find time to play freecell. That’s important! I’m playing Destructo Match 2 this month. Lucy found a bone Bella hid in the closet over a year ago. She and Ernie have been fighting over it. So we are having a lovely week laughing at them. Ace that Bible exam!

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