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Spring Break

It’s spring break! Finally! I’ve needed it.

It’s been lovely already. On Saturday, I got to go to the library for the first time in six weeks. That had been far too long. It was great. Though I have way too many books to read now.

The first couple days of this week I spent at a friend’s house, which was wonderful. (Although I still haven’t recovered my sleep, and that didn’t help.) Then I brought my grandma back with me to visit.

I do have a five page research paper that needs finished (thank you so much, science teacher), but it’s coming along pretty well, and it certainly helps that I don’t have other homework and classes to worry about.

It’s already been a fantastic week, and I expect it to continue.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. I should hope so! xP That would be tragic if you suddenly died in the middle of spring break.

    Just kidding. I’m glad to hear that you’re having such a nice time.

  2. My spring break is just around the corner, but at the moment it seems like a really, really long corner. *sigh*

    Read many books! And have a wonderful rest of the week! :)

    (Here’s a friendly squirrel to follow you around carrying your books for you.)


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