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Every year during homecoming weekend, my college’s four social clubs each put on a 12-minute skit in a friendly competition. (And I must say that Kappa is currently winning, though not by much.) It’s called Expressions. Each year has a different theme, and this year it’s Life in the Wild. The clubs write their own skits, prepare their own costumes and props, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

Expressions has kept me very busy the past two weeks. I’m in the play, I volunteered to help with costumes, and I’m in charge of props.

Actually, it’s mostly costumes that has kept me busy. I’m only a tree in the play, which is not too stressful of a job. (All the trees are short. We call ourselves shrubbery.) And the only props I’m in charge of are two backpacks filled with towels for bulk with a few hiking supplies on top. But costumes… Oh, my. I believe trying to figure out costumes made last week the most stressful week of my life. Next year, if I fall for helping with costumes again (which I probably will), I’m setting a deadline for people getting their stuff to me, because I’m not doing that to myself again.

But I survived, and this week has been much better. And it has been pretty fun watching the rehearsals (well, technically being in them, but since I mostly stand there, I get to watch the others). However, I have learned that I am not cut out for a career of any type in theater!

Preformances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It’s almost here, and I think we are ready. I know I’m ready to be done, at least!


4 thoughts on “Expressions

  1. Glad you got through it! And you learned a valuable lesson about working with people. I wish I could see the plays. What kind of shrub are you? Break a leg, or, no; I should say break a limb.

  2. If you’re a driven person as you clearly are, you are going to experience friction in this particular society.

    As for a career in theater, I think you are making the right choice in staying out of it. Not for any lack of talent on your part, mind you, but simply because I think that particular industry has a tendency to put good Christians in the midst of questionable company. All of my fellow classmates from the Performing Arts conservatory have found themselves in regrettable situations in life due to regrettable decisions.

  3. Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed Expressions! You made a wonderful tree. I was just thinking that this was your first production since you were a flower balerina in the kindergarten Nutcracker play! Thankfully you were in better health this time. ~ Mom

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