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New Classes

School is learning things you don’t want to know, surrounded by people you wish you didn’t know, while working toward a future you don’t know will ever come. – Dave Kellett

Basic Speech I have a good teacher for this class, and I don’t think it will be too hard. Grade-wise, anyway. I am not fond of public speaking. At all. But surely I can survive for one semester.

Psychology I’ve really enjoyed this class so far. It’s going to keep me somewhat busy, I think, but the material is interesting, so I don’t mind.

21st Century Science This class is about current issues in science and ways technology is incorporated in science. I’m not sure what to think of it. I can’t tell how difficult (or not difficult) it is going to be. The teacher is from Africa, so he is hard to understand sometimes. Not his accent – I don’t really have trouble with that – so much as the way he phrases things.

Information Processing This class is about how to use computers and some computer programs. It is very easy. It involves a lot of waiting because there’s always someone who has fallen behind and needs the teacher’s help. It could be very boring, but the teacher is a lot of fun. (The final is going to be fruit and brownies!) Because of that, I think it might by my favorite class.

Acts Through Revelation I have the same teacher for this class as I had for Life of Christ last semester, and he is an excellent teacher. This is going to be about the same as Life of Christ, just with different material. I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it.


One thought on “New Classes

  1. Sounds like a great semester. Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can aquire. If you learn to do it you are ahead of (I’m guessing,) 96 percent of the population. If you learn to enjoy it; even better. If I could learn to do it, you’ll have no trouble.

    It’s nice to know what you’re studying now. Thanks for the post.

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