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Back To School

I’m back at my school now. I’m actually sitting in the library at the moment, “working”, but with nothing that needs done. (I love my job.) Tuesday is my easy day; I don’t have anything until Chapel at 11, and I can already tell that the two classes I have Tuesday afternoon are going to be easy.

My break was very enjoyable. I needed it; I was a bit burnt out by the end of last semester, but I’m ready to start again now. Christmas was quite nice, and so was New Years. I got to visit three of my really good friends (and I drove myself to two of them, which is still a novelty and quite fun). I went to the library about five times, trying to catch up on all the books I was wanting to read but didn’t have time for during school (and I almost succeeded, although now that Mom introduced me to Goodreads, my want-to-read list has probably tripled in length). It was nice – if rather strange – to not have a schedule for awhile.

I’m taking six classes again this semester, which I’ll go over next week because I’ve only had two of them so far. I still don’t have one of my books for my Bible class. Luckily my roommate is in that class, so I can share hers. It shipped last Wednesday, so hopefully it will arrive before too long!

The students have assigned seats in Chapel again this semester, which is the usual policy, but was suspended last semester because they had a much larger freshman class than they were expecting, and that messed things up. My seat is up on the stage, and it is a completely different perspective than I’m used to, but it’s kind of neat. You can really hear everybody singing from there.

The first Singing in the Stairwell was last night, and it was well attended (well, there weren’t a lot of people, but there were more than the other times I’ve gone). The first Tuesday Night Devo is tonight, but I don’t think I’ll be able to go (not the the whole thing, anyway) because of Expressions rehearsal (more on that in a couple weeks, Lord willing).

Overall, I’m glad to be back. :)


5 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. YAY! I’m glad you’re glad to be back. Being happy where you’re at is very good. ;) And I’m soooo glad I got to see you over break!! I love you!! :) <3

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