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Do It

Find what moves you to passion and do it. Some of the best advise I’ve ever heard, and it’s from a TV show – Murder, She Wrote, to be exact.

At the beginning of last semester, my school had a thing where many businesses from the community came and set up booths for the students to browse. One of them was for an organization that raises money for Parkinson’s. The man there told my roommate and I about it and asked if we were interested. Then he said something that took me by surprise. He told us that if we weren’t interested, that was ok, because everyone has something they’re passionate about, and ours might not be the same as his.

That was something I had never heard from someone attempting to convince me to do something before, and it impressed me. Very few people admit that their cause is not the only important one.

I do believe that simple statement changed my life. I’ve always felt vaguely guilty for not being moved by things other people pour all their energy into, but that man made me realize that there is nothing wrong with that. What counts is not that I am passionate about everything, but rather that I am passionate about something, and that I use that passion to make the world a little better.



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