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I Can Write Longer Papers

Although I have only been through one semester of college so far, I have already noticed myself developing a new skill: writing longer papers. It is an extremely handy skill, because I have often been required to write long papers on subjects about which I do not care at all. This has happened in biology when critiquing a boring article, in First Year FOCUS when summarizing many equally boring (but thankfully shorter) articles, and in Introduction to Fine Arts when critiquing pieces of art.

For example, I had to write half a page about the statue you can see on the right (Man Pointing by Alberto Giacometti) as part of one of my Introduction to Fine Arts exams. It was not easy. There is not really enough of the statue to talk about for that long, and I do not even like it. So I gave it a deep, philosophical meaning that probably never occurred to the artist. It annoys me when other people do that, but I needed the words, and it worked.

This leads me to my next point. Pictures are a fantastic way to make your papers appear longer, as long as the teacher allows them and they pertain (at least remotely) to your paper’s basic plot. If positioned properly, they can take up a surprising amount of room.

Another helpful tactic is using big, long words and phrases. For instance, instead of “good,” try “extremely.” Instead of “could be,” you might try, “it is possible.” There are many possibilities in this area, far too many to fit in one blog post, although they could certainly make it longer!

And that is another tactic: illustrations. Illustrations and examples make anything more interesting reading, after all, so why not take advantage of it?

See? I can write longer papers. This whole post can be summed up in that one sentence with hardly any substance lost. If you made it the whole way through, congratulations! :D


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