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Singing in the Stairwell

In the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy. – Psalm 63:7b

On Monday night, a few students meet in one of the staircases of the classroom building to sing.  It’s nothing fancy, and not very formal, but it’s great. Originally they were having it at 10:30 on Wednesday nights and I couldn’t go, but they decided to move it to earlier in the week and the evening. I was very glad about that, because I wanted to go, but by Wednesday that late at night I am tired, and I usually have homework calling my name.

I suppose a stairwell seems like an odd place for something like this, and I originally thought so, too. They’re stuffy in the summer, chilly in the winter, a bit grimy, and not very comfortable, after all. But it only took one song for me to understand.

The acoustics are amazing. I have never heard anything like it. Anywhere. It is so surprising that an old stairwell made of tile and metal and built for nothing but functionality can help make something already lovely into something absolutely beautiful. I wish you all could hear it.

I’m starting to think all churches should meet in stairwells from now on!


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