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Attitude Adjustment

It is the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. – Marlene Dietrich

By Sunday night, I was not having a good day. Nothing had really gone wrong – in fact, most of it had been quite good – but it had been a really long weekend, and a bunch of things had piled up. I had had a biology meeting for extra credit Saturday morning, which messed up my whole Saturday schedule. When that happens, my Saturday morning chores don’t get done (my clean laundry still needs folded!). I did not sleep well Saturday night, so I was really tired. The wireless had not been working all weekend, and while we do have a cord to connect to the internet in our room, my roommate and I have similar schedules, so we both like being on the computer at the same time. Sunday night at 9:30 our biology teacher had a help session for the lab midterm we were having today. It was supposed to be a come-and-go sort of thing, but instead it was an hour and a half lecture. When we finally got back to our room, I decided I’d get on the computer for a few minutes to wind down before I went to bed because my roommate had some homework to finish so she didn’t need the cord. Of course, the internet was not working at all.

By the time I went to bed, between being exhausted and stressed about the biology test, I was about ready for a good cry. But my mind would not settle down and I couldn’t fall asleep, so after awhile I decided to try the computer again.

The internet worked! That was great, and it got better.

I got on the forum of which I’m a member, and my best friend on there got on at almost exactly the same time. We talked for about an hour (it was wonderful), and by the time we went to bed, I was in a much better mood and was able to fall asleep.

She changed my whole week. If we hadn’t talked, I’d have gone to sleep mopey and probably woken up the same way since I didn’t have time to get enough sleep to counter mopeyness. I’d have spent Monday worrying about my lab midterm and thinking about how tired I was, which would have continued throughout the week. And that would not have been good, because I have three exams this week.

Instead, I went to bed with a smile and woke up cheerful. I realized I didn’t really need to worry about the biology test (rightly, too; it wasn’t that bad). I didn’t catch up on any sleep, but I wasn’t thinking about that, so I didn’t feel too tired. I’m still walking with a bit of an extra spring in my step.

God has placed some amazing people in my life, and she is one of the best. Thank you, dear, for making such a difference.


4 thoughts on “Attitude Adjustment

  1. You’re a dear, I love you so much, I never cry with happiness and I nearly did when I read this. :) Now you are quite welcome to bug me whenever you’re feeling down, I’m bug-proof and can usually at least amuse people. 8)

  2. Nothing better on this earth than a bosom friend. Makes all the difference. I’m glad you have one! Congrats on your Bio mid term. Have a great week

    Aunt Nancy

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