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Sixth Week, Sixth Week, God Made… Oh, Wait, Wrong Song

I figured it was time for a slightly more detailed update than my last posts have been.

I really like my history class. It’s interesting, the teacher’s fun, and I currently have 117% (which couldn’t possibly influence my opinion). One of the most interesting things I’ve learned in that class was that in Athens they did not consider their government a democracy. In fact, they thought democracy was a bad thing because the word meant “mob rule”. That’s why the term democracy is not in America’s Constitution or Declaration of Independence; at that point, people still thought of democracy the way the Greeks did, as a bad thing. It is only more recently that it has come to have a good connotation.

Biology is doing funny things to me. In lab today, I was talking to kingworms, calling them, “Buddy,” and cheering (not too loudly) when they did what we asked of them. *Sigh* :D

I’m getting better in archery! My aim still needs some work, but most of my arrows are hitting the target, and the string is not snapping my arm with every shot anymore.

Introduction to Fine Arts is still my favorite class. We had an exam last Monday, but we still haven’t gotten them back. I want to find out how I did!

First Year FOCUS wasn’t too bad last week. We were discussing critical thinking, and we had had an assignment to write a paper about the reasons tree octopuses are endangered. Well, it turns out they don’t exist; it was an internet hoax. I’d like to know how many people walked into class believing in tree octopuses! (I wasn’t one of them.)

I have my first exam in Life of Christ Thursday! I don’t think it will be too hard. I like that class, too.


2 thoughts on “Sixth Week, Sixth Week, God Made… Oh, Wait, Wrong Song

  1. What can your king worm do? I loved Bio! I see you made it through initiation week. Congrats! What art works are you learning about? Sounds like you are thriving there. Have a great week. Love, Aunt Nancy

    1. We were trying to get the kingworms to crawl a certain distance so we could time them on different surfaces. They never wanted to go the right way. I do like biology. The subject, anyway.
      We’re talking about sculpture right now.

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