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It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them. – Agatha Christie

Ah, the things freshmen endure for entrance to a social club! We’ve been walking around in “kilts” today (mine’s made of a blanket), we’re not allowed to talk tomorrow (except to teachers), and we get rather dirty each night (anybody want a hug?). Not to mention the too-small plastic fireman hats we have to wear all week!

However, all of this has given me a chance to understand how true the above quote is. Yes, we all look quite ridiculous. But there are few better ways of getting to know someone than observing them when they are being made to look ridiculous. You get acquainted with their attitude, their sense of humor (or lack thereof!), and how well they handle less-than-optimal situations.

What has surprised me though is the discovery that it works the other way, too; I did not expect that. When you are wearing your “kilt”, pass someone you don’t know in the hallway, and mutter to your companion, “I feel ridiculous,” and then you hear someone call your name and you turn and talk to another Kappa member and don’t feel ridiculous anymore… When you realize that you just sat and laughed over dinner while wearing that silly red hat without feeling silly at all… When you have no fear of scribbling notes on Post-its to these people all day instead of talking… That’s when you realize that these are good people, people you look forward to spending the next few years of your life around, people you love. :)

And that’s really the point of a social club, isn’t it? So all of this must the real reason for initiations: to remind you that you want to join this family of people who call themselves Kappa because they love you and you love them.


3 thoughts on “Initiations

  1. Well, well. It looks like I have the journaling for these scrapbook pages already taken care of! I loved seeing you in your “kilt.” I’m so glad you’re having fun.

  2. I want pictures! How did you make it through the day without talking? I never could have done it. Hope you are having a really fun week. Love, Aunt Nancy

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