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Week the First

One week of classes finished! Homework hasn’t been too bad; I’ve been keeping up well. I hope things will stay that way!

Today in Biology lab we started our research projects. The purpose of them is to teach us how to use the scientific method. My group is studying how different surface textures affect the movement of king worms (which aren’t actually worms). We have to write a paper and present our findings to the class, and then, if we do good enough, make a poster for Presentation Day. I don’t know if I should hope to do a poster or not!

I like my Bible class and the teacher. We’re studying the life of Jesus, but part of the homework from today was a list of passages to read in Leviticus and Deuteronomy with questions about the laws presented in those passages. I haven’t yet figured out how that is related, but I suppose I’ll find out Thursday!

I think First Year FOCUS – the class all freshman have to take that is supposed to help you transition from high school life to college life – is going to be boring. But it’s only once a week; I guess I’ll survive. ;)

I’m really enjoying my history class. Right now we’re studying ancient Greece, which is pretty interesting. We were supposed to have a quiz Monday, but the teacher forgot to write it out, so now it’s tomorrow!

Thursday morning, when I have archery class, it was pouring. So we didn’t actually get to do any archery, the teacher just went over the syllabus and some safety things. I hope the weather is better this Thursday!

Introduction to Fine Arts is going to be my favorite class, I think. It is all the honors students (we’re the biggest honors class they’ve ever had: fifteen whole students!), which seems to be a nice group; it’s held in one of the nice classrooms with very comfortable chairs; it has a good teacher; and it’s interesting without being extremely difficult. Yesterday we talked about the question, “What is art?” It was quite the discussion! I’m pretty sure that question will never have a definite answer, no matter how long it is debated.

My work at the library started today. I shelved new periodicals at first, then spent an uneventful half hour doing homework. The other people who work near my time (one overlaps with me, the other comes in as I leave and also overlaps with me on Thursday) seem to be nice. I think I am going to enjoy my first job very much.


3 thoughts on “Week the First

  1. Sounds like you’re off to a great start! You have a wide variety of subjects which is nice. Sorry about the rain. I’ll be hoping for sunshine next Thursday. I really enjoy reading your news. Thanks

  2. Hi Zella! Your dorm room is nice! VERY neat and organized. I guess you have to be, in that confined space. I hope you get to practice archery today. Remember to keep the inside of your elbow out of the way! I’m glad you’re going home for the weekend. Have a great time and Happy Labor Day. – Aunt Linda

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