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College? Me?

A week ago, thinking about going to college, I wasn’t really nervous, but it felt strange. I didn’t feel as old as I imagined college students felt. As one of my good friends said recently, “I don’t feel like I’m getting any older. The younger kids are just getting younger.” But now that I’m here, it doesn’t feel nearly as strange any more. I don’t feel older, but I’ve realized that nobody really feels older than me.

I’m sitting on my bed in my dorm room. Today was orientation, which was busy, but went well. For that matter, everything is going well! I really like my roommate. She is very nice, and we have been getting along swimmingly. The food has been quite a bit better than I expected. Not as good a Mom’s, of course, but pretty good. They have a brownie with icing on it on the desert table that I REALLY like. My room is quite comfortable. I haven’t discovered anything important that I forgot. I’m beginning to connect a few names and faces. I got a fish. :D

Classes start tomorrow! I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready!

Some pictures! This is my side of the room (click to enlarge).

And this is my fish, Flynn Swimmer.

One thought on “College? Me?

  1. Hi Zella. Your room looks nice–better than the one I started out with in 1971 as a freshman at IUP. Good writing too–better than the writing skills I started out with…

    Now, if I can figure out how to post this… I’ll try clicking “Post Comment” Have a good day of classes,
    Uncle T.

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